MANZWI is a Shona word puzzel game that seeks to show the rich and beautiful form of the shona language through a fun and exciting way. The puzzel provides hundreds of words which the players are tasked to swipe the words in the order that forms the correct shona word. The Game has multiple stages . The Game has a combination of 3 ,4 and 7 letter words supported. 

The game was developed using UNITY3D game engine. This game is the first game offering from CRYPTOSINE and more game will be following soon.  We as CRYPTOSINE believe that in offering games that come in our native laungages we provide for the growth our or native language which are taking a dip in popularity as people now favour English to the native languages.

Other Platforms also offering games and apps the support native language are from MyNativ which has offered several good games in Shona as well.

We hope to support more languages as we develop and improve on the games we are developing.


Download and Enjoy playing the MANZWI game.


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